LG XBOOM 2350W Hi Fi System


LG XBOOM 2350W Hi-Fi System

                                                                                    Super-charged Sound
Booming bass. An RMS amplifier and heavy-duty speaker construction deliver huge output wattage for your sound system. Crank your audio experience into another dimension with a sonic spectrum that will blow you away.

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Music Streaming with Bluetooth®
Use Bluetooth® audio streaming to listen to music and online music
streaming services via your mobile device.
Pair up to 3 devices simultaneously ^ (including phones, tablets, or PCs).
So friends can play their music one after the other, without going
through the disconnecting or connecting process
Control with your LG TV Remote
Control your Mini System volume and mute with your LG TV remote
DJ Features
Add Flanging, Phasing, Wah-
Wah and Delay sound effects to songs
playing back from your USB drives. In addition turntable, scratch and beatbox
sampling effects can be added during song changes.
Take control with DJ Pro. Spice up your music with 9 fun pre
-set sound
effects, ranging from lasers to horns! Take your song to a next level with
the NEW Party Thruster –
a user-controlled lever that ends with a deep
sound explosion!
Karaoke feature with Voice Canceller and Key Changer
Sing along to any track! Voice Canceller reduces the existing song’s
vocals so that your voice can be heard more clearly. Key Changer adjusts
the pitch of the song to suit your voice!
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